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Doing Facebook Ads Right: Save $20

Wondering if Facebook ads are right for your photography business? Maybe you’ve tried Facebook ads and decided they were a big waste of money.

Facebook ads can indeed be a big waste … if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Facebook ads done right can be an affordable, simple way to find the perfect clients–clients meant just for you. With Zach Prez’ new guide, you can learn how to develop a real step-by-step plan for maximizing your marketing dollars. Find out how to target your ads, craft a compelling message, and set an appropriate budget with measurable goals. No more guessing and floundering!

We’ve teamed up with Zach on several guides over the years, and his latest publication Perfect Facebook Ads: The Photographer’s Guide is once again practical, easy to understand and implement, and best of all, geared toward the specific goals and needs of photographers.



This is something you can launch today. There is no one better than Zach to help you along the way. Get right on this–the special savings won’t last!

* Zach is also offering some special bonus material at a spectacular value. Don’t forget to scroll down at this link.

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