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Do you really need a business card?

Let’s face it…in today’s digital age, we are less inclined to print marketing collateral. After all, it’s not so hard for someone to simply look you up online and get in touch by email. We love paperless marketing (and we’ve got lots of great options for it!), but we still maintain that beautifully-printed business cards do pack a powerful punch.

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Here are the Top Four reasons why you may want to have a business card on hand.

1. It lends an element of legitimacy to your business. Whether you’re dabbling in a photography business part time or an in-demand full time photographer, a business card sends the message that you’re serious about the work you do.

2. It provides a reminder of you. Tucked into a purse or wallet, potential clients can easily reference your details in tangible form. There is something powerful about having a physical reminder for reference.

3. You can say “yes”. When someone asks for a card and I have to regretfully say “no, I don’t have one with me” it just doesn’t feel right. I like to say “yes” as often as I possibly can when it comes to client interactions.

4. Your clients can pass it on. It’s possible to facilitate word-of-mouth marketing with this simple piece of paper. Don’t miss an opportunity to market!

Photographer Cafe offers a large variety of designs to suit your style and make it incredibly easy to pull together a business card.

Our most recent release, The Creative Type, adds a fun design element to the card. Simply modify with your logo and details, insert your favorite photos, and send it to the lab for printing. We like Bay Photo for their great quality, excellent service, and small print runs.

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CLICK HERE to view all our business card designs especially suited for photographers. You will be ready the next time someone asks you for your card. We are excited to see what opportunities this will bring your way!

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