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Friends and Family Taking a Toll on Your Business?

So many photographers have turned to our indispensable Friends and Family Guide to help them navigate the tricky lines between business and friendship. Once implemented, they’ve gained precious time and respect.

If you’ve become exhausted by all the photography favors you’ve been giving your friends and family and don’t know how to get yourself out of this pattern, you’re going to want to jump on board. Our updated guides, with great new pricing, now offer you a choice of four models–all of which will help you communicate with firm, professional kindness. Use a paperless method and email or send a beautifully-designed card to deliver your message–all details and templates are included.

photography for friends and family

Choose from a full-price, discounted-price, mini-session, or a complimentary session model. For some, a hybrid approach works well.

CLICK HERE to hop over to the shop and get all the details on how our Friends and Family Guide can work for you. Start 2015 off on positive ground. Avoid misunderstanding. Don’t allow bitterness to creep in. Set the stage for a successful year like the competent business person you wish to be.


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