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Artist or Entrepreneur?

When you click the shutter, who do you have in mind? Your clients? Your sale? Y0ur personal artistic fulfillment? Other photographers?

Usually it’s a combination of sorts. Many times you may be very focused on what sells. Other times you may strive to break the mold artistically, even if it’s not what the client thinks she wants. Sometimes you may be haunted by the blogs you’ve perused and the images you’ve admired along the way. You may subconsciously want to take on a piece of another photographer’s style or vision and make it your own.

It’s up to you to figure out how photography fits into your life, soul, and the practicalities of supporting yourself or your family financially.

Why do you choose the shots you choose? How are you developing as artist? How are you developing as a business person? Should you be pushing yourself more artistically, despite what you think the client may want?

artist or business person

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