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Marketing Your Photography Business Often Takes the Backseat

We totally get it. You are a busy, busy photographer with a to-do list that never ends. We’ve been there. We understand why marketing takes a backseat to editing, client correspondence, order delivery, and actually making photographs. The number one reason why we don’t invest time and energy in marketing is that, as entrepreneurs, we are simply too busy.

However, we’ve learned the hard way that marketing needs to be a priority. The marketing you do today will reward you three to six months from now.

Let’s make this a Marketing Monday. We’re here to help you work through the excuses and make marketing simple, inexpensive, and effective.


1. Life’s too busy. We absolutely agree. Sometimes you need to find shortcuts. Use our simple templates. Make it paperless. Make it easy on yourself.

2. You procrastinate. This is common among creatives. We get distracted. Our perfectionistic tendencies get the best of us. Find an accountability partner. Set goals and give your partner permission to harass you until you get things done.

3. It’s expensive. Paperless marketing is the way to go. Our templates are so versatile you can utilize them across all media platforms, including print. Plus, our signature clean and modern style ensures that these designs won’t go out of style. From free to low cost, you will recoup your invest of time and marketing dollars in minutes.

4. You’re scared. Sometimes lack of confidence gets in the way of success. When you market your photography business, you’re marketing yourself.–you’re putting yourself out there, so it’s understandable to worry how a marketing initiative may be perceived. We encourage you to take the first step … and then a second step and then a third and so on. It gets easier–it really does. One of the best parts of being an entrepreneur is growing yourself right along with growing your business.

5. You’re already a star. Congratulations! You have a desirable number of clients and have reached a desirable level of income. Why this may allow you the luxury of breathing a little more easily (for a moment), it’s important to look ahead. We recommend working hard to care for and retain the clients you have. Let them know you appreciate them and keep your name first and foremost in their mind.

What’s your challenge when it comes to marketing? What’s holding you back?


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