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Last Minute Mother’s Day Marketing

What mom wouldn’t love the gift of photography? Make it easy on the dads and offer gift cards from your studio. Use our simple templates, customize, and downsize for online presentation. Then, make sure your clients know you offer gift cards. Email. Blog about it. Post it on social media. We have lots of clean, modern styles from which to choose.

We’re betting savvy moms will know just how to get Dad in on buying the perfect Mother’s Day gift with just a little nudge (or by quietly forwarding the email). Of course, if all else fails, we know a few moms who are perfectly fine with purchasing their own Mother’s Day gift and signing the kids’ names on the card! That works, too!

Click here to get some marketing done in just minutes today.

studio-essentials-gift-card_04studio-essentials-gift-card_06photography gift cards for mothers day


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