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Celebrating 5 Years! What Are Your Core Business Values?

template shop anniversaryWe recently celebrated our 5-year anniversary. That’s like 100 years in photographer years! And, at least 25 years in template designer years! We are proud of the business we’ve created from scratch and the values for which we stand.  Most of all, we are incredibly grateful for your support and encouragement and the opportunity to make a difference in your life.

Like you, we know how it feels to nurture a baby business and grow it into something sustainable and gratifying. From the very beginning we’ve stayed true to our mission, but we also continue to refine, grow, expand, and adapt.

Here are the core values by which we operate:

Integrity. At heart, we are two really nice midwestern girls. Our work ethic is strong and our moral compass is finely-tuned. We treat our customers kindly, not only because it makes good business sense, but also because it’s just the way we are. We make decisions for our business based on what’s right, fair, and ethical.

Practical, Pretty, and Pioneering. Like you, we love pretty things. Our goal has always been to make templates that look really good but are also useful based on our own experiences as professional photographers. Our recent Miss You Card templates are one example of a simple tool that takes time and energy to create but can yield big returns. These are our favorite kinds of templates for you–simple, practical, and time-saving.

Superior Customer Service. We strive to be responsive, helpful, and fair in all we do. We reply to emails very quickly and are professional in all communications. Frankly, this is a real strength of ours and helps us stand apart from all the rest. We are also always looking for ways to thank our customers. For example, we’ve long offered a customer gift, and our newsletters usually include special promotions for those who keep up with the latest news.

Value. Most of our templates are clean and modern so they’ll stand the test of time and keep the focus on your beautiful imagery. We offer many  of our templates in “value-added” sets or a la carte for your convenience. Each template is designed to help you recoup your costs very quickly and maximize your sales. Our goal is to add value to your business without breaking the bank.

This is who we are. Just like the photography industry, the template design industry can be downright ugly sometimes. We will continue to hold our heads high and stay above the fray, and we look forward to becoming better and better every day. Thank you for being a part of our growth and sharing your journey with us.

What are your core values as a business owner? How would you like your clients to perceive you? We recommend thinking through these questions and allowing them to guide you through all decisions. It’s a valuable exercise and helps you learn from the past, handle present situations, and plan for the future more effectively.

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