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Our Essential Guide for Photographing Senior Guys

Senior Photographers, Ready to Grow?

Our new guide is packed with indispensable information, practical tools, and beautiful templates to up your senior photography game.

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Let’s face it … photographing senior girls can be fun and glamorous. The clothes, the accessories, the shoes, the poses, the hair, the makeup, the locations–a senior girl photo session presents a dreamy opportunity for creatives like us. Indeed, many photographers choose to specialize in senior girls only … no boys allowed.

However, there is good reason to consider adding senior boy photography to your repertoire. In comparison to senior girls, the senior boy photography market is relatively untapped. We have heard from moms who have looked through countless senior galleries and found them seriously lacking. With this new guide, get ready to create a buzz and fill the senior boy photography gap.

Our essential Senior Boy Photography and Marketing Guide will give you the skills, inspiration, and tools to launch your new senior portrait business or refine your existing business. Filled with templates that are sleek and professional, this turn-key solution will give you confidence with marketing, workflow, and posing.

The Senior Boy Photography and Marketing Guide includes:

A 28-Page PDF filled with tips and ideas to fully prepare your clients and conduct the session with confidence and skill.

Avoid miscommunication and posing mishaps. Help your clients feel comfortable and satisfied. Increase your bottom line and create a buzz for the photographs and client experience you create.

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A Bonus Set of Posing Cards

Ever feel like you’ve “blanked out” at a session? Has a difficult subject caused you to lose your momentum? Print these 5x7s and carry them to your session to remind yourself of important details. It’s okay to take a few moments to regroup, check out the cards, and get back to your game plan. Each card outlines a basic pose, offers tips for variations, and points out potential perils.

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3 Marketing Boards

Gain marketing momentum with three unique marketing boards to use online (Facebook, blog, twitter, email) or in print. These powerful templates help you announce mini sessions, special offers, and casting calls with professionalism and style.

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Facebook Timeline Banner, Blog Banner, and Blog Collage

Present a cohesive online presence with these workhorse templates. Your senior (or more likely his mom) will love the chance to display a beautiful banner on her social media pages for all to admire.

Pre-Session Trifold

Get everyone on the same page with this beautifully designed trifold card outlining what to expect, what to bring, and what to wear. Remind your clients of their appointment time, date, and location so misunderstandings are avoided. Good communication prior to the session lays the foundation for successful sales and satisfied customers. Print and mail for an extra-special touch or size down for email.

senior-photographer18       senior-photographer23senior-photographer21       senior-photographer27Marketing Brochure

This multipurpose card presents your work beautifully and is the perfect option when a simple business card just isn’t enough. Hand these to your best clients, your brand ambassadors, and local business owners so that they may spread the word in an upscale, eye-catching fashion.

senior-photographer11       senior-photographer17Promo Card

Encourage your best senior clients to spread the word about your business by giving them a handful of these promo cards. The clean design sends a professional, yet stylish message that you are ready to grow your senior portrait clientele. Provide incentives for new clients to book a session, and reward existing clients for their referrals with this simple tool.

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*We would like to specially thank the talented photographers who shared images and expertise for display in our senior boy guide, posing cards, and product samples.

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