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March Marketing Challenge

March-Marketing-Challenge,-CalendarNeed a little extra inspiration to step away from the camera/computer/couch and start doing some actual marketing? Do you feel like you need more time, more discipline, less fear, more ideas to get started? In a highly saturated, highly competitive industry, many experienced photographers are finding themselves having to actively market for the very first time. And, those who are just getting started are looking for ways to get their name and work noticed. Our March Marketing Challenge can help you structure simple, attainable goals with a timeline for completion. And, Photographer Cafe will be here to inspire you all month long. Here’s how you get started:

1. Sign up for the Photographer Cafe March Marketing Challenge below. We will send you weekly reminders and ideas throughout the month of March to keep you motivated.

2. Download our FREE marketing calendar.  It’s customizable to suit your goals and offers all kinds of ideas to get you thinking and doing. Print it or have it handy on your computer desktop. Either way, be sure to be ready to refer to it almost daily to keep yourself on track. *The link for this free download will be sent with your sign up confirmation.

3. Share your story at the end of the month. Tell us how you did and what you accomplished for your chance to win great prizes. Stay tuned for details and your opportunity to enter the contest.

We know you want to do this and you need to this, and we are excited to be a part of it and help in any way we can. We can’t wait to see you and your business shine!

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