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The Art of the Client Experience: The Value of Client Feedback

photographer survey“Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You captured his personality so perfectly. I’m not sure how you did it, but you’re a miracle worker in my book.”

“Tears of joy. We are just thrilled. Every picture is pure perfection.”

“We are going to break the slideshow…we keep playing it over and over and over again. We can’t get enough of these beautiful photos.”

We live for emails like these. It’s words like these that make it all worthwhile. The all night editing sessions, the tantrum-throwing toddlers, the technology breakdowns–it all fades away when a client gushes about her experience with you.

But, how do you feel when you send out a gallery link from a recent session and your inbox suddenly goes radio silent? Or, when the client responds to her gallery in a lukewarm manner? “There are some cute ones. Thanks.” Or, when you sense a bit of dissatisfaction? “I really wish I could change the outfits I chose. We don’t look like ourselves.”

We begin to read between the lines. Question our skills. We may digress into rumination and soon enough we can’t sleep and we’re snapping at our loved ones. Does this sound familiar?

Let’s eliminate some of the drama and uncertainty and begin implementing client surveys. A short and simple survey is a powerful way to elevate the client experience. Armed with clear feedback, you can find the gaps in your workflow and capitalize on the strengths you bring to each session.

How else do you really, truly know that your client is pleased? How do you know that you’ve communicated clearly and effectively every step along the way? How do you know that there hasn’t been a breakdown in your client’s confidence somewhere between the booking of the session and after the prints have been delivered? Are you absolutely 100% certain that the client experience you provide is superior to that of your competitors? How do you know that the mom who was gushing about her online slideshow isn’t confused by your policies? How do you know that the client who is thrilled with her images didn’t feel like she knew what to expect before her session?

A client survey is a logical first step toward discovering what makes you special, what sets you apart from all the rest. When you have valuable data like this, you can begin to define your brand and set goals for growth. This kind of data gives you confidence that your client workflow and communication is seamless and consistent. And, a confident photographer attracts clients–really good clients.

We recommend sending a client survey to each client post-session. But, if this is your first time seeking client feedback, you may wish to send a survey to all of your 2013 clients right now. Fortunately we’ve made it really easy for you. Click the link below to download sample questions with tips for creating an effective survey.


Here’s a script to help you get started. Feel free to copy and paste this and make it your own.

Dear Client,

I am honored that you chose MyPhotography to capture a special time in your lives. 2013 was a wonderful year for MyPhotography, and you played a role in my success. Thank you!

As I plan for 2014, your feedback is very important to me. Would you please complete a short, simple survey (include link) to help me determine how MyPhotography can provide an even higher level of experience for you? As a thank you for your time and thoughtfulness, you will receive a complimentary 5×7 print when you complete your survey by (set date three to five days out).

Continual growth and improvement is a priority for MyPhotography and me. Thank you for your insights. I look forward to seeing you and your family in front of my camera in 2014!



Receive your client’s feedback with enthusiasm and an open mind. It is key to creating a successful and sustainable business. We look forward to hearing how implementing a client survey helps your business thrive and invite you to leave your comments below.




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