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Photo Projects for the New Year


How will you grow as an artist in 2014?

I have been seeing so many beautiful photo projects shared over the internet and on Facebook. I can’t help but think, “I really wish I would have thought of that.” Or, “If only I had half the talent and creativity of that photographer …

This mom from Russia captured her kids and farm animals with breathtaking results. This 14 year old boy created a collection of stunning and surreal self portraits.  Many adults have been busy recreating photos from their childhood–I’m a sucker for this kind of fun. Others, on the other hand, use their cameras to document  powerful moments in their lives. Angelo Merendino’s portraits of his wife’s battle with cancer never fail to move me.

How are you pushing yourself artistically in 2014? Have you considered starting a photo project this year? Becoming involved with some sort of assignment can nurture your creativity and help you discover or refine your personal style.

We have ideas that may inspire you to begin a project this weekend.

One Word: The Today Show recently shared the concept of choosing one word to define your year. Watch the segment here:  Break It Down to One Word. We recommend taking that one step further: Photograph with that one word in mind. Let the word guide your choice of subjects and composition.

Challenges: Challenge yourself to try something new photographically each day or each week. A new lens, a different angle, a difficult subject, something ugly–change it up. If you normally are drawn to photographing people, try photographing things instead. If you usually zoom in for the close up, back up so you can step out of your comfort zone. Embrace change in 2014. Your photography will grow when you try new things.

All Black and White: Start seeing the world in blacks, whites, and grays. The gorgeous tones and striking composition of these architectural photographs demonstrate the strength of black and white photography. Limiting yourself to black and white will give you a better eye for texture, line, pattern, and contrast.

Project 365: While we encourage you to pull out the big camera more this year, we can’t deny the convenience of iPhoneography. Some of the photography coming out of a small phone is incredibly inspirational. There is much to be said about choosing one shot for each day of the year. Capture random moments and subjects; document your daily life; or, photograph particular themes. If a daily photography challenge is too much for you, consider a Project 52. We have gorgeous templates to display your Project captures.

  • Change “I wish I would have thought of that” to “I thought of that”.
  • Change “If only I had half that talent …” to  “I am beginning to find out how I am talented”.

We wish you all the best as you grow as an artist this year. We would love to hear more about what you’re working on and what projects you’re dreaming about. Please share your thoughts below.

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