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Gallery Sales Guide for Photographers: Volume II

Our Gallery Sales Guides can help take the stress out of the sales process and maximize your studio’s success. The first Gallery Sales Guide, offered originally as a customer gift, is now available for purchase. Now joined by 10 additional gallery layouts, these powerhouse sets of templates are designed to help you increase your sales and provide valuable consultation to your clients.

Without having to resort to a dreadful, heavy-duty sales pitch, you will send the impression that you are a confident, competent resource for your clients. You also show that you care about their long-term enjoyment of the art you create.

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Use our Gallery Sales Guides to help your clients begin to imagine how they may use their session photographs as decor for their home. We suggest creating a booklet or album with the guides and leaving it with your clients at the end of their sessions to set the stage for their order. For even greater personalization, insert their session images into the layer PSD files and show the examples online. Many clients need help with visualizing, and the Gallery Sales Guides are  a convenient and powerful tool that very often leads to a collection of larger-sized prints beautifully displayed in your clients’ homes.

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE GALLERY SALES GUIDES. Consider buying both Gallery Sales Guide Sets so you can offer your clients a lot of options that will beautifully complement their decor.

Our Gallery Sales Guides are part of our Studio Essentials Collection. Each practical tool has been designed to help you improve your workflow and communication, increase sales, and gain invaluable peace of mind.

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