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Appointment Reminder Card Templates

Do you sometimes feel as if your clients don’t take their photo session appointment seriously? Do they call to reschedule practically on a whim? Have some completely forgotten their appointment date, time, and location?

Our Appointment Reminder Cards should be an important part of your client workflow. Why do you need to send a card like this?

  • A professional, beautiful card in the mailbox sends clients the message that their photo session is important and should be marked as a red letter day.
  • An appointment reminder card serves as a visual reminder of their appointment. They will see the card in the days and weeks prior to their session, likely on multiple occasions.
  • This card will prevent repeated questions about time and location and will help your clients avoid confusion.
  • You will set the stage for a clear, professional, consistent client experience from start to finish. Good communication is a key factor in creating loyal, satisfied clients.

This new appointment card template is included in our Studio Essentials Collection. We also have a selection of a la carte appointment cards featuring a wide range of designs.

Start 2014 with your ducks in a row. You and your clients will experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing just what to expect.

photography session reminder templates

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