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Guide Your Clients to Perfectly Sized Wall Portraits

Do your clients think that an 8×10 is huge? Do they struggle visualizing how their images will look on the wall? Help them begin to visualize the possibilities with this simple communication.

Featuring a visual reference and short, concise accompanying text, concepts of scale and balance are introduced. Invite your clients to not only view their portraits as treasured keepsakes but also beautiful art for their home.

As the photographer, your goal is to create art that will be appreciated and presented in the best possible way. When clients select the perfect size for the perfect space, they will ultimately be more pleased with their investment for the long term.

Hand this beautifully designed card to your clients after their session to set the stage for higher sales, superior client communication, and satisfied, loyal clients. 2014 will be your year to take your business to new levels of professionalism, quality, and profits.

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