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Friends and Family Guide for Photographers

Friends and Family Guide for Photographers

Friends and family. You love them. You need them. But, are their demands on your photography business putting you in an awkward position?

Before you turn bitter and angry and scrooge-y over the situation, let’s take a look inward.

Do you have a hard time setting boundaries? Is it really hard for you to say no? Do you feel indebted to your friends and family for helping you launch your photography business? Do you really enjoy giving the gift of photography to those you love most, but perhaps the timing could be a little better? After all, it’s the busiest time of year for many photographers.

How do you establish professional control when it comes to photographing friends and family without creating hard feelings?

Our Friends and Family Guide is the product we fervently wish we had when we began our own studios over a decade ago. This articulate guide will help you put a program in place for 2014 so that next year at this time you won’t be on the verge of turning into the grinch. Experience peace of mind, provide better service to your regular clients, and gain precious hours for yourself and whatever you wish to pursue.

Now Is the Perfect Time to Communicate a Fresh Friends and Family Photography Program

friends and family policies cropped

Start 2014 off right by communicating your policies in one of two ways:

1) Copy, personalize, and paste the text from one of our PDF samples. Send it by email or include it in a newsletter. This option is the fastest, most convenient, and least expensive.

2) Personalize our PSD layered templates and send a beautiful press printed folded card by mail. This option sends the message to your friends and family that you are a legitimate business with high end appeal.

Our Guide includes four options for structuring your Friends and Family program.

1) Complimentary Session Offer: This option allows you to continue gifting your photography to friends and family but puts in place important boundaries that protect your paying clients and your own personal sanity.

2) Complimentary Mini Session Offer: This option allows you to offer special free mini sessions to your friends and family list. Other photography commissions by friends and family are priced at regular rates.

3) Discounted Rates: This option allows you to clarify your special discounts in place for friends and family only.

4) Full-Priced Sessions: With warmth and clarity, this option communicates to your friends and family that you will no longer offer discounts to anyone, including friends and family.

It’s up to you to decide what works best for you. Some of you may feel most comfortable with a hybrid approach and may want to customize the wording a bit. But, all you really need to do is customize with your own logo and pricing and work up the courage to hit send. The hardest work has been done by us!

This Friends and Family Guide is for You

friends and family blog collage

If you’ve been procrastinating, this guide is for you. If you’ve tried to write a letter on your own but have come up against a brick wall again and again, this guide is for you. If you need a backbone, this guide may just provide the push you need.

Convey your plan for 2014 with warm, gracious, and professional language. Begin to earn the respect of your friends and family with this important communication whether this is your first year in business or you are a seasoned professional. This is important for you as a business owner, but it is also important that your friends and family receive clear, consistent communication so confusion and hard feelings are avoided.

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: Our Friends and Family Guide is available with introductory pricing for a limited time. It’s a great time to do something really nice for yourself and save yourself incredible amounts of time, worry, and bad feelings.

Thank you to Bay Photo for their beautiful samples and customer service. Thank you also to Gina Kolsrud Photography for the images that bring our samples to life!

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