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New Favorite: Inspire Storyboard and Square Collages

Sigh. I just love everything about our new Inspire collection of designs. It features a clean, minimalist style to which I’m always, always drawn, and the little touches of  zig zag and diagonal patterning are so chic and modern that it will remain fresh for years to come.

Our Inspire Storyboard and Square Collages are the perfect addition to your product menu. These layouts will delight the client who desires a unique and eye catching display. Collages are especially appealing to those who prefer to show off several session images and don’t want those hidden away in an album.

Storyboards have remained one of my best selling products for years. Be sure to price them to reflect the number of images and size of the design displayed. With smart pricing, your collage sales will increase your bottom line.

Click below to amp up your product line:

Inspire Storyboards

Inspire Square Collages


Inspire square collage layout

Special thank you to Christie Hobson for her stunning imagery.

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